(Here is the list of commands! For more info on a specific command Use e!help [Category])

Commands Description
kick kick anyone with one shoot xD
ban Ban anyone with one shot whithout knowing anyone xD
bug Please specify the bug. Example: punch isn't working. It isn't mentioning the user I'm trying to punch``
mute Mute anyone who break rules
nuke Nukes a given channel
report Report a user of your choice!
resetwarns Reset warnings of mentioned person
tempban Time ban a user you want
unmute unmute for user you want
warnings Get the warnings of yours or mentioned person
warn Warn anyone who do not obey the rules
unban Unban a user from the guild!
Setautoroles Set the Roles Welcome
add-level-role Add a Role that is given when a user reached a specific level.
level-roles Shows the list of Level Roles of the server.
nqn on/off for nqn
Purge Have the bot delete a certain amount of messages
remove-level-role Remove a Level Role that is given when a user levels up.
setchannel Set the channel
setimage Set the background
setmsg Set the Message
setmuterole Sets A Mute Role For Muted Users!
setprefix Set The Prefix Of Bot!
test welcome and leave test
viewmsg View Message [welcome/leave]
setlang Set language For command chat-bot
addemoji addemoji [url]
stealemoji stealemoji [emoji name]
addroleall Add a role to all user of the current server
botlist show all bot in your server
cinvite get the link invite channel
createrole Creates A new role in the guild
lock Locks a Channel
multimoji add a multiple emoji [NITRO REQUIRED]
Removerole Remove role in the guild
removeroleall remove a role from all user of the current server
timelock Start a timed lockdown in a channel
unlock Unlocks a Channel
dm dm user
new create your ticket
setup Category ticket setup
help List all of my commands or show information about a specific command.
haste add your code to link
setnick Sets Or Changes Nickname Of An User
afk set afk
embed Get bot embed :/
hastelist see the hastebin that is stored
invite Give You My Invite Link, Etc!
length lenght command :/
restart Restart The Bot!
shorturl short your link
stopwatch stopwatch command
sudo Makes a webhook to impersonate someone
time information from time
covid Covid-19
weather Get the weather of anywhere
djsdocs Shows doc's from discord.js
github Github User Account Information!
instagram Find out some nice instagram statistics
minecraftserver Show Minecraft Server Information!
npm Sends information on an NPM package.
playstore Show Playstore Application Information Of Your Given Name!
ss Takes a screenshot of any webpage.
botinfo Check's bot's status
roleinfo shows stats of the mentioned role
serverinfo Displays server information & statistics!
avatar Show the avatar user
emojify Returns provided text in emojify (emotes) form.
emojiinfo Show emojiinfo of emoji
emojis displays every emoji of the guild, where the command is used
imagesearch Searching for all image in google
invites information on invites of user
leaderboard Show the leaderboard level
level Get the level of Author or Mentioned
math math commands
react Reaction Command Like NQN
say Get bot ping :/
uptime Get advance stats of given person or yourself
translate google translate
userinfo Get advance stats of given person or yourself
wallpaper Get wallpaper
play Play Music With Link Or Playlist Or Query!
Skip Skip Currently Playing Song!
join Join The Voice Channel!